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These Poems Contain Me

These poems contain me. My joys. My struggles. My pain and suffering. My heart full and shattered across the margins. The difficulty of accepting who I am and learning to let that shine outwardly to others. The brightness and rawness of new beginnings. The loneliness and darkness of heartaches.

Feel my story sliding through your fingers. Hear my heart beating to the rhythm of the turning pages. Taste the sweetness of life’s warmest moments along with the sadness of some of its most difficult.

I share my story with you through my poetry and art because the process of sharing is part of my liberation from a life of repression and deceit to one of authenticity and truth. I hope you’ll share your story as well—through uplifting words, deepening connections, and loving actions—because your story matters so much. Most importantly to yourself and then to others as you live in the light of your truth and let that shine brightly.


beau j frail

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