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I'm a poet, artist, and architect. I spent much of my life dimming my light, afraid of who I was and who I might become. Creating poetry and art helped me process my feelings and find the courage to embrace my true self and live authentically. 

As an architect I create spaces by channeling my passion and skills to transform visions into built realities. As a poet and artist I shape space in a similar way, but on the page and through the hearts and minds of readers. My writing and art explore themes of sexuality, authentic expression, nature, love, loss, hope, and healing.

I regularly share my poetry on stage at open mics and Poetry Slams. I was one of Rupi Kaur’s opening acts for her Fort Lauderdale show during her World Tour in 2022. My next artistic endeavor is sharing my debut collection of poetry and art in becoming outer.

I grew up between subtropical South Florida and the midwestern plains of Ohio and Illinois before moving to Austin, TX for twelve years and now settling in NYC. I live with my partner and our many house plants in our Brooklyn apartment.


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